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Tuesday, 04 December 2012 12:08

Dental Consumables

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Disposable bibs


Disposable bibs


Gauze roll


Dental Needles short (Masawa)


Dental Needles long (Masawa)


Dental Needles G30 (Masawa)


Sterilisation Pouche


Saliva Ejectors


Autoclaving Tape


Alginate fast set (acrostone)


BMs Alginate


Gutta Percha


Files Niti


Files Stainless


Denture Box


Model Base


Retainer Box


3M Products (Quoted per request)

Fuji Products (Quoted per request)

W & H Products (Quoted per request)

GP Papper Points


Chlorohexidne Mouth Wash


Cotton Roll Bags


Bonding Agent


Mouth wash Tablets


Temporary Filling